Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Pull-List: 1-3-06

Wow - is this week small or what? Let's kick this midget, shall we?

52 #35: I might as well tell you now; this is going to be on the list until we reach #52. It's almost out of spite at this point, and I'll be damned if this mostly-entertaining-but-sometimes-slipshod title is going to beat me. You hear that, 52? Your stapled ass is mine. But can someone get some consistent art going in this thing? I haven't picked up 52 #34 yet (let's hear it for the holidays), but #33 started strong and then slid into artwork that made me laugh - and not in a good way.

All Star Superman #6: If it seems like you've been waiting forever for this issue of All Star Superman, it's not just the anticipation that comes from waiting for a well-written and creatively drawn superhero comic. It's because the last issue came out THREE MONTHS AGO! All Star Superman is supposed to be a bimonthly, but c'mon! Is it really going to be worth the wait? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is.

Manhunter #27: I've got a pretty solid geek-crush going for Manhunter, and I like the way they've been drawing the character deeper into the DC universe. This title has been on my list since it started, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.


L’il E said...

I tewtally wanna borry yer manhunters so bad. Wanna get my grubby hands all over them and show them what bad, bad...oh wait...never mind all that. I will treat them with the respect and care that I treat all comics ;-) I think "Out 52 bucks" is all you are. In a nutshell, that is.

Lisa said...

What? No Boneyard? It's a special day, man!

Maxo said...

E: Crap, I keep forgetting to lend those to you. And believe me, I've thought about just getting the inevitable trades for 52 but at this point I might as well see it through. Dammit.

Lisa: I poo-poo your Boneyard! What is it with goth comics and their love of the Groovie Ghoulies, anyway? Poo-poo, I say!

Lisa said...

Poo poo?! Bah! Even Eric likes Boneyard. It's one comic we have in common. That's go to at least peak some interest.

Seriously though man, Boneyard is better than anything you read. So there. =P

Maxo said...

Well, you do know Eric probably just likes it because he thinks he'll see boobies, right?

I'll give it another try, though - but it's on your head! I point my finger at you!!

Lisa said...

I'll give you a dollar if you don't like it! A whole freakin' dollar! Not really. But you'll like it!