Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Pull-List: 1-10-07

Huh ... it looks like another small week for the Post, but it promises to be chock-full of kick-assery. Without further ado (but with maybe a little zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom), here's what this week's pull is shaping up like.

52 #36: I just realized 52 is about two-thirds of the way through. If my math is correct - and it almost never is - then this maxi-series should be just about in the last part of the traditional three-part story arch. Try to contain your excitement! Basically what I hope this means is that 52 will now start picking up the pace, putting pieces together and unveiling the big reveals that have been sat on for 36 weeks. Oh, and I know I cased on the interior art last week, but the covers? Gorgeous and iconic.

Agents of Atlas #6: Marvel has only deepend my antipathy for its stuff with the Civil War hullabaloo (now with added delays!), but somehow the publisher has discovered a secret elixer or sacrified a virginal goat because a lot of its recent limited series have been hitting it out of the park. Agents of Atlas wraps it up with this issue, and I've been waiting for it like it was four-color crack; it's a fun, modern adventure yarn with a wry string of retro threaded in, with characters that speak to the best of what Marvel used to be. Previous issues have really, really made me want to know what happens next, and isn't that what comics are supposed to do? If you haven't been buying the singles, be sure to pick up the trade when it comes out.

Justice Society of America #2: A friend of mine from the comic shop I used to work at turned me on to the JSA, and after reading all the trades in stock I was pretty much in love. I loyally started getting the single issues. I recommended it to anyone who was interested. And then that fickle bitch turned on me. For some reason, the title started sucking hard and I had to drop it. Luckily, they launched this new JSA title and it's just kooky enough to work. Please, JSA - don't break my heart again. Oh, and I was going to post a link to the preview, but it's actually a preview for Outsiders - and nobody needs that.

Utopiates: When I heard the name "Utopiates," my first thought was, "Urgh." I was prepared all the way down to the cockles to hate this book, expecting to find art that thought "indie" meant it was OK to be "crappy," and text that went through the same cyberpunk motions a million other writers have already exhausted. Utopiates, I owe you an apology. After checking out the preview I'm cautiously jazzed (yes, jazzed, damn you!) about this title. The art is obviously lovingly and thoughtfully rendered, and the gritty, near-future sci-fi plot - while familiar - is intriguing. If it doesn't fall apart halfway through, I can see this becoming a regular on the list.


Fred said...



I thought we just talked about this.

Lisa said...

Utopiates? I am intrigued. Why did I never see this?

Lisa said...

Oh yeah, you should also be picking up Crossing Midnight (which I believe was last week, not this week). It's a new Vertigo title that's pretty darn awesome so far.

Maxo said...

Fred: I know, I know ... and believe me, the scenes with Lobo in it are my least favorite parts of 52. The only reason I can think of for him being in this story at all is that he's a Keith Giffen creation, and 52 is Giffen's baby. I'm really kind of hoping Lobo gets dropped from the story soon.

Agh! Stop looking at me like that!

Lisa: Looking at the store's newsletter, it doesn't look like you guys ordered it. Suck! I can lend it to you if you're interested, though. I ended up liking it enough that I put in a regular order for it, and the upcoming three-issue story arch they've got planned sounds like it could be cool.

Crossing Midnight really is pretty awesome! I like the art and the writing, and the plot's got a neat little mystery going on. I don't know why, but the feel of it reminds me of Y: The Last Man, even though they're nothing alike.

Lisa said...

Stupid store! Yes I would very much like to borrow it. Thankies. =)

I haven't read enough Y to compare. I've had trouble getting into it. Someday I just need to borrow 'em all from the store, lock myself in a room and read them all start to finish.