Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Night Fights: One hell of a beating!

My favorite holiday of the year has come and gone, but there's still enough of that Halloween spirit left to deliver the kind of pounding that will haunt your bruised and battered ass 'til Arbor Day!

Horror comics seem to be enjoying one of its periodic upswings lately and there are plenty of monstrous characters running around, but no one quite says "demon from hell" like Etrigan the Demon, that rhyming roughhouser from the Lower Depths. Sure, sometimes his meter could use a little work, but Etrigan's got a bigger problem; he gets bored really, really easily. And when Etrigan gets bored, someone's gonna get hurt.

In this case, Etrigan has decided that maybe taking over Hell will be a nice hobby. You know, something to do in his downtime. But before he can do that he needs to get the current rulers out of his way, so Etrigan uses the Crown of Horns to drop the hammer on the first two, then goes after Belial, the third and final demonic duke.

Since Belial's also his dad, Etrigan takes it easy on him.

Panels from The Demon #7

Looks like Etrigan's been hitting the gym and the thesaurus! His poetry is strong, but will he go for the Wu-Tang style points?

Yes! And it's still beating! Etrigan wins the crown and the ... er, hearts ... of the populace!

(Maybe he can use the prize money for some family therapy. Just sayin'.)

No one drops a rhyme like Bahlactus!

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