Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Pull List: 11-14-07

Wow, what a week for comics! There is so much good stuff coming out this Wednesday that I'll probably squeal like a little girl when I hit the shop later this afternoon. Enough preamble — to the list!

World War Hulk #5: With this fifth and final issue, the entertainingly over-the-top "Hulk-beats-on-everyone" storyline wraps up, and I can only assume it will be as wonderfully ridiculous as the rest of the mini-series.

I haven't been reading the various tie-ins but I don't feel as if I've missed anything, so this has been a fairly satisfying little collection. And why wouldn't it be? The concept is hard to screw up (gladiator-Hulk comes back to Earth with his alien-warrior posse to vent his rage on the heroes he believes killed his new family and destroyed his adopted planet), especially if you keep to the tight storytelling demanded by the limited series. Add to that the raw, muscular power that comes across in what is some of John Romita, Jr.'s best work in years and you've got a comic that remembers what made us all love the Hulk in the first place — sheer, widespread destruction.

Also, I hope he beats the living CRAP out of the Sentry. I hate that guy.

The rest ...

All-Star Superman #9

Atomic Robo #2

Booster Gold #4
(Is this actually coming out this week? Every list I've looked at says "yes," the DC site says "not until Nov. 28.")

BPRD: Killing Ground #4

Thor #4

Maybe ...

The Atheist #4: I really liked this series when it first started — A BILLION YEARS AGO! Frankly, I don't know if I can work up the interest anymore.

Batman and The Outsiders #1: I just realized I don't have any Batman titles on my regular pull, which seems strange and wrong. The original Outsiders used to be a favorite, but I can't decide whether or not I can get into the new team. On the plus side: No Geo-Force.

Captain Marvel #1: Let's take a look at the solicitation copy ... "From the pages of 'Civil War ...'" Yeah, probably not, then.

Project DOA Vol. 1: A manga that sounds like a combination of pulp super-science and Indiana Jones-style globetrotting? It's just a good thing no one has figured out how to inject this stuff directly into the bloodstream. This looks like a lot of fun, and probably worth picking up.

Wonder Woman #14: So here's my dilemma. I'm a fan of Wonder Woman as a character, but I haven't been very interested in reading her solo adventures. No one seems to write her well and her characterization has been all over the place for years, making it hard to feel invested in the Amazon-princess-ambassador-superhero-spy. On the other hand — Gail Simone takes over with this issue.

Crap. I'm going to end up buying this, aren't I?

Recommended ...

If you've got the cash and anything resembling a human soul, you must pick up all of these books ... all of them.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier (hardcover)

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 1


L’il E said...

You see, there is the very telling difference between our comic-purchasing and reading styles. For me, only one item on your list is a must-have and it is a maybe only if at the very bottom of yours . . . what might be right for you, may not be right for some . . . it takes diffr'nt strokes it takes . . .

L’il E said...

Oh wait, never mind, I misunderstood your take the first read, I thought that "if" was more tentative and well, lacking cash or a soul, I figured you must be rating these books pretty low, a stretch if you will. But, now, on the second pass, I get that you are saying that while pricey, they must be had. However, again, for me, there is only one must-have on this list, and it is had my sources tell me. HAD!!

Maxo said...

Man, you're bitter! Anyway, there's not that much of a difference - we usually are interested in the same comics. I just tend to ALSO be interested in other comics as well.

L’il E said...

I was saying I lacked the cash and soul, sorry, didnae mean to sound like I was slamming or nuthin. I guess that is true, we usually read the same things, you just read A LOT more than I do.

The skanky coffee they make in this place has NOTHING on me buddy. I am the taste of ground rotten roots mashed into a paste with fetid swamp water.

Lisa said...

Who was that weirdo at the comic shop today?! Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I did finally get around to reading Gutsville. Gooood stuff! I also picked up Umbrella Academy, read it? Also good stuff.

Maxo said...

I hoped you'd like it! Gutsville is such a weird concept, but it really looks as if the creators have thought it out. And holy crap do I love Umbrella Academy! I recommend that to anyone who'll listen.