Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WTF Wednesday: The King's taxes ... from space!

There was a reason Jack Kirby was called the King: Not only did he create some of the most enduring and iconic comic book characters in history, he could also make some of the craziest ideas look great.

Who else would you want to illustrate a story called, "The Mystery of the Tax Collector From Space!"?

So simple, and yet so perfect.

On a side note: Would you like to read the story this panel is taken from, in its entirety? This and other goodness can be found at the awesome Monster Blog, an archive and tribute to Kirby's creature comics. Go check it out and be prepared to do nothing else with the rest of your day.

Panel from Tales of Suspense #33
By Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers
Image courtesy Monster Blog (thanks Philip!)

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