Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Where's my money, Deadshot?!?

Before Deadshot became one of the DC Universe's resident bad-asses, he was just another punk for Batman to whale on. In this case Floyd Lawton has earned the wrath of the Dark Knight by threatening his right-hand man Alfred and Alfred's newly discovered daughter, Julia.

Bad move, Floyd.

Panels from Batman #369

Batman shakes off the lucky hit, and proceeds to lead Deadshot on a classic game of cat-and-Bat. At this point in the character's history, Deadshot still had a thing for trick shots and this personality quirk saves Batman's bacon at least a couple of times — long enough for him to strike back ... with irony.

After Julia pulls a gun in an ill-conceived attempt at revenge, Batman uses a batarang to pull off his own trick shot, hitting Julia's gun and forcing her to squeeze off a shot — right into Deadshot!

And Batman's just getting started.

At least Deadshot is man enough to hang tough and ...

Damn! It is hard out here for a crime-fighter! After this Deadshot not only gave Batman the information he wanted, he also gave him $20.

We all know Bahlactus ain't no punk!

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