Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the trail of Manhunter

Something just occurred to me: What happened to Manhunter?

It was not only one of my favorite, most reliably enjoyable titles, but it also had a strong enough fan-base that it was saved from cancellation twice. After the second near-death, DC announced the comic would be on hiatus while things were put in place for a nice, long run. And then there was nothing but silence.

Manhunter was supposed to be back in the racks in July of this year, but that has quietly come and gone. I know the Kate Spencer character has made guest appearances in other titles, but that's hardly the same thing. Is DC hoping a lengthy hiatus will let the title wither without a lot of fuss, or is this just the usual company scheduling snafu? If the company is still planning to relaunch Manhunter, this doesn't seem like the best marketing plan to follow. It's almost as if the title is being set up to fail.

Help me out here, Internets — what's up with Manhunter?


Dr. K said...

DiDio was asked about Manhunter many times during the summer convention season, and he responded every time that Marc Andreyko was really busy with other projects outside of comics, and that Manhunter would be coming back when Andreyko had time to complete the scripts.

Khairul H. said...

I've been wondering about the title as well. Busy, huh? Coming back when he's free, huh? I'm thinking "never". At least I have all three trades.

Maxo said...

Dr. K: Thanks for the information! I don't know - maybe I'm being cynical, but DiDio's response doesn't really pass the stink test. Manhunter's appearances in other books gives me hope that someone thinks the character is worth the effort, but DC's caginess just makes me leery.

Khairul: Exactly.