Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Night Fights: And not a single dance number!

Remember that movie starring Jim Carrey about a magical mask that let him live out his deepest, cartoon-based fantasies? No, not those fantasies! It was cute and kinda funny and gave us our first look at Cameron Diaz, and only mildly hinted at the darkness it brought out in the mask's wearer.

The Mask collection of limited series' it was based on was nothing like that.

Over-the-top violence, sick humor and just the right amount of gore for the discriminating connoisseur made the early issues a fun read. In The Mask Returns, Kathy has taken the mask from police lieutenant John Kellaway, who has been keeping it with the idea that it's safer with him than out in the world where anyone might come across it. Unfortunately for him — and various criminal types — Kellaway kinda can't resist using it once in a while. Kathy figures it's up to her to get rid of it.

It doesn't work out that way.

And now Kathy finds herself becoming The Mask and tangling with the town's underworld, including the golem-like gangster Walter. It's a good thing the mask makes its wearer pretty much immortal.

Hey, Walter! Where do you like to sit in the car?!?

I told you it was gory. Kathy and Walter trade bullets for a few panels before she manages to escape. Walter is what we like to call "determined" though, and he catches up to her, unmasked. She does what any sane person would do, and then makes Walter a reasonable offer.

OK, maybe not that reasonable.

Waaaaait for it ...

Panels from The Mask Returns #4 (of 4)

(Where the hell DO those guns come from?!?)

Bahlactus' greatest weapons are a left and a right!

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