Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Translation - pain!

Bienvenidos and welcome to sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico! For your entertainment tonight we bring you two giants of the throw-down for a Monster Mash of epic proportions!!

Entering the ring we have the reigning champion, that rocky wrecker, the man from Yancy Street, the one, the only, BENJAMIN J. "EL MORRITO" GRIMM!!!!

And in this corner we have a local legend, a sly fighter with nearly mythic skills, the scourge of goats everywhere, ELLLLLL CHUPA-CAAA-BRAAAAaaaaa!!!!!

(Hey, get that skinny guy out of the ring!)

There's the bell and OOOH! El Chupacabra lands an early blow! El Chupa may suck but he's certainly not sucking!

Grimm is off his feet! The champ looks staggered, but wait! He's back up with a look of determination! He's charging into the challenger!

QUE CASUALIDAD! El Chupacabra is reeling! He's wide open and WILL SOMEONE GET THAT GUY OUT OF THE RING?!?

DONDE ESTA LA CASA DE PEPE!?!? What a blow from the champ! The crowd is on its feet, chanting, "Que hora es? Que hora es?" and waiting for Grimm's trademark answer ...

AND IT'S A KO! Ben "The Thing" Grimm, winner by knockout and still champion of the San Juan squared circle! Ben, do you have anything to say to the fans?!?

Panels from Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte! (one-shot)

"Bahlactus" means champion in any language.

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