Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Enter: The Beard Hunter!

Are you prepared for the baby-faced terror? Are you braced for the silky smooth feel of freshly shaved menace? Are you ready for ...

The Beard Hunter?!?

Click for a closer shave!

In my mind, Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol is the definitive version of the misfit group of heroes, and the sheer tonnage of pure bat-shit crazy in any given issue is a big part of that. There's so much nuttiness in this one issue that one WTF couldn't contain it! To share this bounty I give you the first installment of WTF Wednesday Presents: The Beard Hunter!

Next week: More Beard Hunter!

Panel from Doom Patrol #45
Grant Morrison, writer; Vince Giarrano, penciller; Malcolm Jones III, inker

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