Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Namor for the 'block!

Thanks to Marvel EIC Joe Quesada and his burning fanboy need for an unmarried Spider-Man, we've now got a Peter Parker who's swingin' in more ways than one. Does this mean we can look forward to all the married heroes suddenly hitting the singles bars? Will Mephisto open a matchmaking service? Most importantly — will Spider-Man get another shot at Sue Storm?!?

Gosh, I wish Marvel could publish a one-shot or something so we could see what that would be like. Oh wait — it already did!

Click to ... blah, blah, blah.

Other guys? OK, sure, Reed Richards might mope around a little but it's not like he and Sue didn't separate during Civil War anyway (or did they? I'm so confused now). Reed shouldn't be any competition for a Spidey on the prowl. And Namor? C'mon — the Sub-Mariner's always walking around in his tighty-greenies and reading weight-lifting magazines! It'll be all over for the little prince once Sue gets a back-rub from Parker's magic fing ...

Panels from Untold Tales of Spider-Man '96

Yikes! I guess a massage really will get you thrown out a window! Well, there's always Gwen Stacy — that should turn out OK, right?

One thing we know for sure ... Bahlactus is a lover and a fighter!

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