Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Pull List (1-23-08): Coming clean about Jack Staff

There are some good comics coming out this week, and some serious new contenders that might be showing up on this list for months to come. Like what, you ask? To the list!

Jack Staff Special #1: I have to make a confession; I've never actually read a full issue of Jack Staff. I've flipped through copies, and I've read plenty of reviews that made it clear it's a book I'd probably really like. Believe me, I wanted to read Jack Staff. I burned to read it. But most of the reviews also hinted at a fairly deep back-story, with characters and a background that, honestly, was a little daunting. Thankfully, this Jack Staff special is supposed to be a stand-alone story that makes a good jumping-on point, as well as a kick-off for the now-monthly title. Wow — that's a lot of hyphens. Anyway, I'm looking forward to finally seeing what I've been missing: Jack Staff, your mysteries will be revealed!

The rest ...

Army @ Love #11

Astonishing X-Men #24

Blue Beetle #23

Wonder Woman #16

Maybe ...

Afterburn #1: Maybe it's just the afterglow from re-reading Atomic Robo talking, but this pushes a lot of the right buttons for me. Good looking art, a distinct crime-adventure feel, and it's all dropped into a post-apocalyptic setting — which, y'know, is one of my drugs of choice. And I appreciate that the premise — treasure hunters chasing the valuable artifacts left behind after half the world is ravaged by a massive solar flare — puts a new spin on a familiar set-up. Check out the preview and see what you think.

New World Order #1: You know what else is like crack for me? Anything that name-checks the Illuminati. I don't know if that'll be enough for me to pick up this occult-espionage thriller that makes me think of a mix of Planetary and Challengers of the Unknown, but it's something I'll be at least keeping an eye on. Get it? An eye? With the Illuminati and the ... ? Aw, forget it.

Recommended ...

Infinite Horizon #1 (2nd printing): I'm enjoying this title — a modern retelling of The Odyssey set in a Mideast war zone and anchored by a character known only as The Captain — in almost every way. The writing is measured and well-paced, keeping things moving with a mix of gun-burst action and steadily building tension. And the art, which has so far used a surprising palette of mostly pastel browns and yellows, really works for what is turning into a quietly muscular title. If you missed it the first time around, be sure to pick up this reprint of the first issue.


Mike Haseloff said...

I'm curious to know: Did you get the special, and how'd you like it?

I haven't read it, but did get around to finally reviewing the first Image issue on my blog. Which is probably another very solid jumping on point if you're okay with downloading a MASS of information in a pseudo-UK-anthology format.

Maxo said...

Mike: I did, and I enjoyed it! I'm not sure how much of a jumping-on point it was, though. I felt a little as if I was missing something by not knowing the character's backgrounds, and it came across as a quick rundown of names and faces more than anything else. Still, it was fun and not confusing enough to be off-putting — I'll be picking up the monthly, and hopefully details will be filled in as it goes.

I dig your blog, by the way!

Mike Haseloff said...


Call it a quirk, but I'm always interested in opinions of Jack Staff. It strikes me as one of those books that could (if it isn't already) be a solid flagship title for Image, but there's always that hurdle of the UK/US clash of sensibilities.

I wonder if the history is that thick and important, or if it's just a title that revels in it's universe and tells a story in a way not at all conventional to American comics.

Cheers, like your blog too!
We totally sat next to each in Bahlactus class a few times!