Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WTF Wednesday: That's a pretty good excuse

Who else could that handsome devil be but the intrepid Jimmy Olsen, who is nothing if not a gentleman. Seriously, would you still have the cojones to show up for a date after:

• chugging down some old elastic-serum to save a little girl who's falling from a building,

• turning into a shapeless pink blob (with freckles),

• running from a mob that thinks you're trying to hurt the little girl because your vocal chords are apparently as blobby as the rest of you and all the explanation you can give is "rraaggh,"

• and finally being presumed dead because an eagle-eyed reporter saw the pile of clothes you left behind and quite rationally concluded, "The monster ate Jimmy!"? (Thanks a pantsload, Lois)

Hell, I've been an hour late for things just because I wanted to catch the end of Blossom, and I don't even stop off for flowers. Oh, and you might be wondering if there was anything that could've hipped Jimmy to the thought that drinking old, unstable elastic-serum wasn't a good idea.

Well, nothing Jimmy would notice.

Panels from Action Comics #563
Craig Boldman, writer; Howard Bender, penciller


L’il E said...

Blossom? Have you no shame? And you said you had to do chores you little liar. See if I ever buy your phoney-baloney excuses again. Rawr indeed ;-p

Maxo said...

Oh man, the wife and I used to watch the HELL out of Blossom! We were big Six fans.

Kyle said...

I think the real question is how were you an HOUR late to catch the end of Blossom, a half-hour show. I've seen you do it, but I never quite understood ...

And have you seen Six lately? You could rest a tray of drinks on that girl's backside. PA-POW!

Maxo said...

Kyle: Four words, my friend: Back-to-back episodes.

And I've always said the world needed more Six (heh).