Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday miscellany

Strangely enough, taking a couple of days off from work doesn't necessarily translate to more time spent blogging. I know! I'm as shocked as you are. Regular content-type stuff is gearing back up as we speak, but in the meantime here are some things that have crossed my mind lately (feel free to share you opinions in the comments):

You're making me tired, Marvel. If you can't get the characterization right for someone as established as Doctor Doom, what hope is anyone supposed to have that you'll be able to pull off your Hey, Everyone's A Skrull "event?" I'm really beginning to think people sit around a table at Marvel HQ thinking up hi-larious ways to dick with fanboys. The problem? It hurts all your readers and makes your books read like crap. Plus, chalking bad writing up to a character being a Skrull has already become a cliche and Secret Invasion has barely started. There's already been quite a bit of discussion on this panel, but Lisa Fortuner has a good breakdown of why characterization is important, and how Marvel missed the mark (via Kevin, who really should be writing Doom's dialog).

As I was leaving the tax guy's office today I noticed a kid playing with a paper cutout of Batman. It was a simple thing, and looked like it might have been scissored out of an activity book or maybe even copied first and then snipped. The cutout had been colored, mostly in dark blue from what I could see, and as my wife and I walked past I could hear him whisper a raspy "Batman!" as he walked the Caped Crusader across the couch cushion.

That made my day.

Speaking of juvenile behavior, a question occurred to me earlier today: When Sue Storm gave birth to her kids, wouldn't it have been AWESOME if either one of them had come out invisible!? Man, I'd pay good money to see a panel of a nurse holding a blanketed bundle WITH NOTHING IN IT! Better yet, can you imagine if the baby was like poppa Reed Richards? Seeing Sue give birth to that kid would be like watching a magician do that trick with the handkerchiefs.


rob! said...

one time recently i saw a little girl sitting in the waiting area of a salon reading an Archie comic. it reminded me of...well, me, when my Mom would buy me some treasury comics to read while she got her hair done.

re: Invisible babies. i always thought if anyone at Toy Biz (or whoever the hell makes Marvel toys now) had a sense of humor, they'd put out a short-packed Invisible Woman figure with nothing inside the bubble. that'd be funny and you KNOW collectors would snap it up!

btw--i found this blog via Comic Treadmill (when it had a post about here and my Aquaman Shrine), i enjoy it very much!

Maxo said...

I know what you mean — my mom used to park me at the magazine rack while she bought groceries. I thought it was the coolest thing.

And you're probably right about the invisible Invisible Woman! Hell, I bet you could change the box and sell it as a variant figure.

Thanks for the kind words! I dig your blog, too! (And I really like your illustrations — great stuff.)