Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seven-day Spotlight: Caffeinated and ready to go

Here's a word of advice: If you're ever feeling like you don't have the energy to post — and seriously, how lazy is that? — having a coffee drink called a "Trabano" will knock the lethargy right the hell out of you! Whoo! Hey, let's see what everyone else was up to this week before the crash hits!


Bitterandrew gets in your face with Karma, the punk rock superhero!

Lesbian disco orgy at Church's (with an assist from Sims)! Whee!!

Lee and Kirby are always getting ripped off; good thing Bully's on the case.

Sims for the win! (Even if we never really wanted this clash of titans to end.)

Collected Editions wants to know: Why aren't you reading Manhunter trades? (Be sure to read the reviews of the other collections, too.)

No, not Schatzi!!!

Rob chats with the man behind the late-night Aquaman.

Attention speculators: Mike Sterling is not fooled.

Laura Hudson reflects on good PR, bad PR and knowing the difference.

It's a Second Printing, and the second coming of Jon Carey, Big Mike, Benhatt and Devon Sanders!

Marvel! Stop monkeying around in DC's territory! Doctor Polaris commands it!

Ragnell tackles ... well, a bunch. It's some interesting stuff, so go read it.

Urgh ... coffee ... wearing off. I'm sure I'm missing ... something, but ... don't know if I can ... zzzzzz ...


rob! said...

thanks for the shout-out, my friend!

Maxo said...

My pleasure!