Friday, April 11, 2008

The Human Bomb doesn't have time for your guff

Whoops! The day kinda got away from me there, so it looks like I might have to fall back on a random, out-of-context panel — what do you think, Human Bomb?

Eesh. That's one tough cookie.


rob! said...

such language! when did Vertigo did a Human Bomb book?

Maxo said...

Holy crap — I would KILL to see Vertigo do a Human Bomb limited series.

Rick said...

I love Human Bomb and it is good to see he is well remembered. However, I would hate to see Vertigo do a series on him. When they take an old hero and try to update him it just seems to mess him up. But I could be wrong.

Maxo said...

A lot of it depends on the writer, I think. I really liked what they were doing with the Human Target, but hated (haaaa-ted!) what they did with the House of Secrets.

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about the new Human Bomb that's part of the revamped Freedom Fighters.

Rick said...

I haven't picked up the new series. I might if they collect it in a trade paperback.
Human Bomb was my favorite in the old Freedom Fighters series.