Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Treasure hunting in the quarter bin

I don't go diving into back-issue boxes very often. Mostly it's because I'm disorganized and can't remember what I'm looking for once I get to the shop (you'd think I'd be able to add it to my pocketful of lists), but it's also because I know my addiction. Letting me loose on longboxes would be like Cookie Monster running amok in the Keebler factory.

Those poor little dudes. Where's your elven magic now?!

Anyway, a nifty alternative to the miles of back issues at my comic shop is a local chain of second-hand book stores. The comics they cram into a corner tend to be a mix of pretty recent releases, a lot of 90s-era crap and some gems that make a little digging worthwhile.

A couple of weeks ago I found these:

The answer should've been "AWESOME."

Best part? The Renegades are total hippy-slackers.

Truth in advertising: Doll Man actually goes to the chair in costume!


Total price: $1.48!

They also have grab-bags offering 50 comics for five bucks; I think I'm jonesing already. If I break down I'll give a full list of what I end up with and we'll see if it was worth it or if I got royally screwed.

Place your bets!


chris said...

Frog-Thor is worth what you paid x 10.

Khairul H. said...

Wait, the "Deadly and Demonic Renegades" are Native Americans?? Well, I never!

Maxo said...

Chris: Oh man, there is something seriously awesome on every page of this issue. The only problem is that I want every issue of the Frog-Thor storyline now.

Khairul: It's even worse than you think — at one point they do a rain dance.