Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Happy landings!

Honestly, I'm a little surprised Superman didn't do this more often.

Click to Planet-size!

Panel from All-Star Squadron Annual #3
Roy Thomas, writer; Wayne Boring and Jerry Ordway, artists


That One Guy said...

Indulge me, where did the parachute come from? Did Supes provide it? Or was she already in it from earlier in the plot? I'd like to see him chuck losers at soft objects…promotional inflatable gorillas, etc.. I know it wouldn't fit his character to just lob them at the asphalt, but he could use canvas awnings and such to break their fall too.

Maxo said...

Oh, it was classic Lois Lane. Basically there was a weird, menacing cloud so of course Lois got in a plane and flew right toward it. Then when Superman keeps her from going splat he tells her she was lucky he was around, and then she says, "Luck had nothing to do with it — I figured you'd be around."

THEN Lois goes on to insult Clark (she calls him a "milksop") before demanding Superman take her with him into the cloud.

I would've dropped her ass, too.