Thursday, May 29, 2008

And worth every sheckel!

Click to giant-size!

So I guess we can assume Stan the Man was writing the ad copy, too. But y'know, if you want to get readers interested in a new line of comics, cramming in Spider-Man, the Human Torch and Dracula is exactly how you do it.


rob! said...

excitement, thy name is 70s-Era Marvel.

'nuff said.

Maxo said...

You got it, True Believer!

Tony said...

I enjoy the word "sheckel", and using it in that ad makes it sound so much cooler than saying fifty cents. 70s-era Marvel...I miss you.

Maxo said...

I had no idea a sheckel was equivalent to fifty cents! But yeah, it's kind of amazing to realize even the ads were fun.