Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Suddenly, the horse's name makes sense

Watching Gumby on TV when I was a kid, I always thought the whole concept of a little boy made of clay and the surreal world he called home was a little weird. Neat, but weird.

Man, that was NOTHING compared to the comic book.

Sure, the first series of all-ages stories has been getting great reviews, and it even won an Eisner, but that doesn't mean it's not ca-raaaazy. In the Free Comic Book Day issue, Gumby has accidentally infected himself with a computer worm. Luckily his pal Pokey finds an ad in a comic that leads them to a mad scientist. And like all geniuses who live in midtown castles, he has a solution: Chiseling off a chunk of Gumby, which will become a smaller Gumby that Gumby can then swallow so it can find and get rid of the computer worm inside Gumby.


So Little Gumby takes the plunge solo ... or does he?

Gumby should be glad it wasn't Prickle.

Panel from Gumby (Free Comic Book Day issue)
Mike Hersh and Mel Smith, writers/plotters; Lance Borde, artist


chris said...

Kudos for going there. Now I can die happy.

Maxo said...

Ha! Yeah, who can resist the cheap laffs?

And honestly, I could've scanned the entire comic - the whole thing is coo-coo bananas.