Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Night Fights: And disaster walked right up and kissed him

Thanks to the musical, the movie and the legions of maniacally plucky young girls belting out "Tomorrow" over the years, it's easy to forget a couple of things about Little Orphan Annie:

1. She's an orphan.

2. She's an orphan from the streets.

What does that mean? It means Annie will hard-knock the life right out of you.

Oh, Annie — you're adorable! (Even Bahlactus would think so!)

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Panels from Comic Strip Masterpieces sampler
Harold Gray, writer/artist


That One Guy said...

fuck yeah! i ain't gonna ask why you had this lying around, but that is some sweet ass-kicking she gave that rich snot. i see why this strip was popular! power to the workers! rise proletariat rise!

rob! said...

"Cause I'm the goddamn Orphan Annie, that's why."

Maxo said...

Guy: It made me want to read some more of it, that's for sure. And there's another panel where Daddy Warbucks is fighting four guys at once until Annie jumps in WITH A BAT!

Rob: Ha! I wonder if there's a cave under the Warbucks' mansion?