Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can't talk ...

... I'm reading a stack of free comics! And then later I'm going to see Iron Man, so today is like some sort of comic geek's perfect storm.

Austin Books and Comics, my awesome LCS, had a limit of 10 comics per person but the pile's a little bigger than that since my wife went with me and basically picked up whatever I didn't. Here's what I'm working my way through, in no particular order:


Owly and Friends!

Walt Disney's Gyro Gearloose

Archie's Pal Jughead

Hellboy: The Mole


The Moth

Atomic Robo

Graphic Classics

EC Sampler



Dan Dare

Comic Strip Masterpieces

It looks like there's a lot of good stuff this year, and my wife has already laughed her way through Comic Strip Masterpieces. I also grabbed Visionaries: Thor Vol. 1, featuring Walter Simonson, for 50 percent off so I think my weekend is booked.

In case you haven't already, be sure to get to your local shop and take your pick of some free swag (and if you can spare the cash, why not show your LCS a little love while you're there?). And hey, maybe you could bring friends who are new to comics along and use this as a chance to introduce them to the wide variety of comics out there.

OK — back to the stack!


Lisa said...

Due to poor planning (meaning no planning) I've ended up having to work today. I'll have to send Brandon for me.

And what's the deal with seeing Iron Man without us?!

Big T said...

Brother, I went to see Iron Man Saturday.

The theater screwed up our ticket times, we had to wait an extra three hours.

Tickets cost $14!

Parking cost $5.

And I still LOVED the movie. Marvel should only let Jon Favreau direct their movies.

Did you stick around for the bit after the credits? It caused multiple nerdgasms in our theater.

Maxo said...

Lisa: I could, I did and it was AWESOME! But seriously, were we supposed to all go together? Because I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Big T: Man, you spent the same amount on a ticket that we did on both of ours ... suckaaaa! But yeah, it was a great movie that had all the fun, all the action and all the smarts that a good superhero movie should. It made me like Iron Man again.

Ha ha! There was a row of people behind us that let out a bunch of "OMIGOD THAT IS AWESOME HOLY SHIT YES!!" behind us when that bonus scene came out. I was much cooler about it, though — I only let out with one "AWESOME!!"

Maybe two.

Lisa said...

We were supposed to but I'd love to go see it with my comic book buds. Maybe the weekend after Mom's day we won't be broke, but we'll see.

Maxo said...

Sounds like a plan - I'd love to see it with the gang.