Thursday, May 8, 2008

Comics in the Wild: Iron Men Down Through the Ages

Click for full-size metal!

I found this drawing on a dry-erase board outside of the Austin Community College-Northridge student lounge a few days ago, and the more I looked at it the more amazed I was at the detail. The Iron Man designs for 1964 through the present are right on, and it looks like the whole thing was done with just four markers. I can't even make a list on my dry-erase board without it getting smudgey.

Besides, it's just kinda funny, what with the Futurama/IronMan/Ozzy mash-up going on (with a little Spider-Man reference thrown in for good measure). I'd love to give the artist credit but he or she did everything except sign their name, so if anyone in Austin has a line on who drew this, let me know.

OK, now I gotta go crank up the Sabbath!

Edit to add: Whoops! I just noticed you can't read the Spider-Man reference in the photo; in the last frame Bender is singing, "Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an Iron can ..." Of course he's also holding a bottle of booze, which makes sense any way you look at it.


That One Guy said...

There are some talented mofos floatin around eh? That is astoundingly good. I LOVE the Iron Bender, I'd pay for a print of that!

Maxo said...

And with dry-erase markers! Damn people with all their damn talent!

Johnny B said...

That "Iron Man" song, sung to the tune of the Spidey 60's cartoon, is actually from Pauly Shore(!)'s Bio-Dome. Funniest thing in the movie.

Maxo said...

Johnny B: Holy crap — a Pauly Shore reference!? This drawing just keeps better and better.

Lisa said...

That's freakin' awesome!