Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Brother Voodoo has had it up to here with you

You know what Brother Voodoo hates even more than lame zombie jokes and people who give him voodoo dolls as gifts?

Brother Voodoo hates a kiss-ass, man.

And is it asking too much to have one assistant who won't screw up his Starbucks order?! How hard can a grande decaf half-and-half mocha chocolata ya-ya be? C'mon, people!

While you're at it, pick one up for Mr. Bahlactus, too.

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Panel from Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1
Originally published as Marvel Team-Up #24
Len Wein, writer; Jim Mooney and Sal Trapani, artists


CaptainAverage said...

I think the name is sweet:Brother Voodoo, very ominous.
I can't say much for the original look.Stupid skunk hair.
And I don't know that I ever saw the character handled well.It always seemed like he wasn't given much thought beyond the basic concept.
Beyond all that, he knocked them suckas flat! CHUD!

Maxo said...

Yeah, I never understood why anyone ever thought the skunk-hair looked good on anyone. Still, I love the idea of Brother Voodoo, and I always dug the mystical drums and smoke he'd conjure when making an entrance - pretty snappy!

Anonymous said...