Monday, February 4, 2008

Hulk rehydrate puny human!

Earlier today, I was sitting at my desk contemplating Spider-Man.

It wasn't about the implications of the One More Day storyline, or how off the mark the last movie turned out. Mostly, it was along of the lines of, "They put that little figure in a cool pose." And then, as I glanced at a plastic Green Lantern ring while reaching for my drink I thought, "I've got a lot of superhero crap in here."

And making a special appearance - the GL ring!And I keep adding to it. Because I wasn't reaching for just any cup — I was reaching for a Hulk Slurpee cup. Last week I rediscovered the movie-related cup waaaay in the back of one of my kitchen cabinets, where I'd tucked it away the last time my wife threatened to throw it away, and decided to bring it to work. I can't really blame my wife for wanting to throw this cup away; it's unwieldy and there's always been an aftertaste that's best described as "funky."

But it's a Hulk cup and I've refused to give it up. Plus, it's a COLOR-CHANGING cup. OK, it really only changes from a light green to a darker green, but mainly that's to show the transformation of Bruce Banner to the Hulk with some nifty overlay, shading and the application of ice-cold slush. (Though I may have — ahem — ruined that by running it through the dishwasher too many times.) If you look closely, you can still see the Hulks' face hidden in Banner's chest and hip.

Man, I cannot wait to see what kind of search results that turns up.

I've tried to my desk at work from overflowing with comic book stuff, but it tends to creep in until, like memos and take-out menus, they seem to be everywhere. I know I'm not the only one, so let me know in the comments what kind of comic book ephemera you have littering your work space. And if you post about it I'll update here with the links.

Blech. That water really does taste funky.

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