Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven-day Spotlight: It lives!!

After a brief hiatus, the Seven-day Spotlight is back and ready to roll! The tires have been rotated and fluids have been topped off, so let's take a spin around the comic blogs block and see what caught my eye this week:

Seriously guys, Ken Lowery's point isn't really about Doctor Who or Russell T. Davies. Seriously. (via Dorian) (Andrew had something to say about the whole thing, too.)

Brian Hughes illustrates why "Hulk vs Thing" will always be a classic match-up.

Wow, have I been staring at Kevin and Birdie's Rack for a year already?! Time flies, eh?

Brainfreeze looks back to get a handle on the future of kids and comics.

Who could know more about fun than everyone's favorite li'l stuffed bull? Bully wraps up his Fun Fifty of 2007 (and don't forget to read the rest of the entries!).

That Sims — what a softy.

Batman tangles with El Bolo! Muchas gracias, Mike Sterling!

Gah! Friggin' clowns, man! Thanks for the Golden Age nightmares, Pappy.

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