Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WTF Wednesday: You had me at 'Defile' - plus, our contest winner!

Antony and Cleopatra, Bogey and Bacall, Yogi and Boo-Boo — they're all at the top of the list when you're talking about history's greatest couples. But for my money, no one comes close to the pure love that is Lord Defile and Lady Decadence.

Disturbing? Or disturbingly sweet? You make the call!

Panel from Stormwatch: Post Human Division #7
Christos Gage, writer; Doug Mahnke, artist


Yesterday was the deadline for entries in the Beard Hunter: Stroke of Evil contest, and after tallying up the results we have a decision!

The winner of a copy of the Doom Patrol Vol. 4: Musclebound trade is ... ME! Yes, thanks to an overwhelming lack of entries I have declared myself the winner of my own contest! Truly, it was a classic come-from-behind victory.

I was able to catch up with myself and asked a few questions:

Maxo (for Great Caesar's Post!): First off, let me just say congratulations ...

Maxo (contest winner): Thank you, thank you ... I have to say I was not expecting this. Think about it — just one entry, just one — could have changed everything. But thankfully, I had what it took and with the help of God, I am able to stand here with you today. (kisses fingers and points to ceiling) This is all for you, Big G!

GCP: So now that you're a contest winner, what's in Maxo's future?

Maxo: Well, I will certainly be sitting down to read Musclebound. I think it has been well-established that I am a Grant Morrison fan, and this trade not only has the Beard Hunter story, it also has one of the best storylines from Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. I am going to enjoy that, to be sure. Also, I will be changing my supper plans to include poultry so I can have the chance to say, "Winner-winner, chicken dinner."

GCP: That's ... kinda obnoxious.

Maxo: Yes, it is.

GCP: Let me point something out that may be awkward for you: In the course of writing the Beard Hunter posts, you often railed against "the bearded menace." But looking at you now, and in light of your win, how do you explain the fact that you yourself have facial hair?

Maxo: It is ... curious. But if you read those posts carefully you will see I never actually claim to be clean-shaven myself. And I do consistently give warnings about the duplicity, the sneakiness, the sheer bristling evil of the bearded ... in retrospect, you really should have seen that coming.

GCP: Wait, are you saying that you're evil and ... ?

(Maxo stabs a hidden button on his armchair, launching through a trapdoor in the ceiling)

Maxo: MUA-HAHAHAAAA! Got your comic book, sucker!!!

GCP: ... I really should've seen that coming ...

Wondering what the hell this was all about? The saga is collected here!


Dr. K said...


I was planning on entering the contest, but I ran into a little logistical problem, as my wife was the only one who could take the picture, but she also needed to be in the picture as well.

But now that I think of it, I may have been operating under a different definition of "beard" than you were.

Maxo said...

Ha ha ha! I would've totally accepted that based on creativity alone — thanks for the laugh, Dr. K!

Lisa said...

I completely missed this contest and I'm far too lazy to read that crazy link thing you provided. I mean, I am really lazy. REALLY lazy. Especially right now after a long day of work. Whew, the laziness. I tell ya.


Maxo said...

You nutbar - I'm surprised you had the energy to comment! But it's true, you are lazy ... everyone says so. Ol' Lazy Lisa they call ya.