Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey kids - online comics!

I just found out about this, but Dark Horse is apparently going to be uploading a chapter of the manhwa Shaman Warrior once a week for all to read, and judging by the first chapter it'll be pretty freakin' awesome. Especially if you're into the sword fighting/touch of mysticism thing — which I am. It doesn't hurt that the art is very strong (the detail, particularly the facial expressions, is great), and there are two major sword fights in the first 32 pages!

I don't know if the publisher is picking up on the strategy Boom! Studios is trying out with North Wind, but between this and Dark Horse Presents it seems like Dark Horse is making a real push in bringing comics online.

Good for them. I don't think e-comics will ever fully replace the usual paper-and-staple, but there's no reason it can't be a viable alternative. And if it introduces people to new titles (I'd never heard of Shaman Warrior before), all the better.


CaptainAverage said...

I checked out North Wind and it definitely got me interested.I had read a brief description at some point, but reading the book really intrigued me. Now I want to know more about the characters. So yeah,e-comics are definitely a good medium for reaching a broader audience and hooking potential readers.

Maxo said...

Same here. I don't buy the argument that providing something online necessarily prevents someone from wanting to purchase a physical copy. If that was the case, something like the Colonel Sweeto book could never have happened, much less have sold as well as it has.

Thanks for stopping by!