Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Watch out, here she comes

One of the strengths of the excellent Manhunter series - which was saved twice by vocal fans, critical praise, and is supposed to come back from hiatus sometime this summer - is the supporting cast. Almost everyone is interesting, and no one is reduced to a cliche.

For example, take Cameron Chase. A friend of Manhunter's civilian identity, Kate Spencer, Cameron is a DEO agent with a weird super-villain named Trapp in her past and an equally weird ex-minion/boyfriend in her present. When Trapp decides to wrap up his unfinished business, Cameron's boyfriend Dylan comes to the rescue.

But really, he probably could have just waited in the car.

Panel from Manhunter #30

My money's on Bahlactus!

And here's even more GCP!

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