Friday, August 3, 2007

Superhero?: More Bee Sting, less Mindset


This post contains details on the second episode
of Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Man, can I call 'em or what? OK, maybe not so much, so let's say goodbye to Mindset, who pretty much a-holed himself right out of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? this week.

Caught in a supervillain trap so perfectly out of the Silver Age that it made me cackle, Mindset decided it was smart to either a) stay in character or, b) be a complete douche. Probably not the best idea, since the heroes were split up and stuck in two clear plastic boxes with a growing number of bees, forced to compete in a spelling bee administered by - who else - Bee Sting.

(Quick aside: How perfect was Bee Sting? Totally perfect. I demand more Bee Sting!)

So, every time a word was misspelled, Bee Sting would release more bees into the boxes (I remember hearing "Ten zousand bees!" at one point), and since they were all words with "be" somewhere in the word the heroes had to purposely misspell the words to include "bee." Makes sense, right?

It made sense to everyone except Mindset, apparently. After they figured out Bee Stings' game, Mindset still insisted on spelling a word without the extra "e," causing more bees to enter their box; his team eventually lost and Bee Sting even taunted them by saying they "might've duhn better if not for zeh bahld one." Ouch! Speaking of ouch, the heroes were actually being stung, something Stan Lee brought up later during the elimination process.

Which is where Mindset really blew it. Rather than apologize, or even acknowledge that he didn't really have his teams' best interests in mind, his swollen ego led him to keep saying, "I don't think I made a mistake - I did the right thing. I serve truth."

Oh, and earlier he made Ms. Limelight cry, which was a little unnecessary but not unforgivable.

Based on his backstory and the overall look of his character, I thought Mindset had a chance. Now, I'm actually happy to see him go.

Current favorites: The Defuser, Whip-Snap, Basura


Big T said...

Hey, did I ever tell you I visited the rooftop where they filmed the first season of this?

Well, I did. It's in a crappy part of downtown L.A., full of warehouses and bums (that's a fun word "bums," I just realized that).

Ironically, they were shooting a video for a Penthouse Pet of the Year competition in the same warehouse. Little did they know they were besmirching the very building on who's rooftop Stan Lee's giant floating head rained down judgment 'pon weirdoes in spandex. I pondered this as I mooched chocolate chip cookies from the craft table. The girls were binging on carrot sticks so they didn't mind.

Then a car blew up one street over and all the pets freaked out. Man, you've never seen so much jiggling. I think they were filming a B movie action film over there. Possibly starring Lorenzo Lamas.

Exploding cars, naked chicks, and Stan Lee's monolithic head looking down above it all. Just another day in LA.


Maxo said...

You never tells us anything, Tom! And you've been holding out - what the hell are you doing on the rooftop of a building full of Penthouse Pets?

Good to see you blogging again, though. :)