Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Pull List: 8-8-07

This seems to be one of those times when it can either be a small week for the pull list, or it can be a little more respectably sized if I decide to give in to temptation. Yeah, I think we all know how this is going to end up - to the list!

BPRD : Killing Ground #1: This latest BPRD series picks up where the last mini, Garden of Souls, left off, which is fairly exciting since Garden was pretty kick-ass. Creator and writer Mike Mignola can seemingly do no wrong - especially when it comes to his Hellboy universe - and I'm looking forward to seeing where he and co-writer John Arcudi go with the snappy momentum they built up with the last storyline. The potential for new directions has been mapped out, new characters have been introduced, and the artwork by Guy Davis lends a nicely organic feel to the whole thing. If for some insane reason you haven't been reading BPRD, now would be a good time to get on board with what is consistently one of the best titles out there.

The Rest ...

Daredevil #99

Green Lantern #22

Maybe ...

Avengers Classic #3: This wasn't originally on the list, but a retelling of the Hulk's first fight with the Avengers? I'm not even sure it should be a "maybe."

Black Adam: The Dark Age #1
(of 8): Honestly, I'm a little burned out on Black Adam. The idea of a depowered Teth-Adam trying to resurrect his murdered wife Isis is interesting (even if it was already done with Ralph and Sue in 52), but I'm worried it's a concept that will be dropped early in this eight-part mini series. I'm willing to bet Adam will get powered up pretty quick, and nobody needs a repeat of World War III. Check out a preview and see what you think.

Black Metal Vol. 1: I've been hearing good things about it, and the preview is awesome. It looks like it will deliver on all those promises made by the heavy metal album covers I grew up with, and I'm fairly sure it will lead to me throwing the goat with obnoxious frequency. Everybody wins!

Un-Men #1: Looks cool, but I'll probably wait. It's a concept that could either come off great, or really, really blow.

On The Block ...

Criminal #8: I know this is widely regarded as one of the better titles on the shelves right now (and it is very solid on all counts), but I'm wondering if this might work better in trade. Would that be the way to go, or should I be patient and stick with the monthly?

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