Friday, August 10, 2007

Superhero?: Doubling your pleasure


This post contains details from the third episode
of Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Not to be a jerk or anything, but ... FINALLY!

The third episode of Who Wants To Be A Superhero saw this season's first double-elimination, and it couldn't have been more deserved. After receiving a challenge from new supervillain Dr. Dark, the heroes had to split into teams of two at an amusement park, with one teammate riding a roller coaster to spot markers and the other running around looking for the numbers that will help unlock a door hiding the gleefully evil bad guy.

Everyone performed much as they had in past episodes, with certain heroes stepping up to the challenge while others slipped. Of course, I'm talking about Mr. Mitzvah and Ms. Limelight.

First, Mitzvah twists something and hurts his leg, and while he struggled through it he also made excuses and kvetched about it the whole time. And then Ms. Limelight got lost, got flustered, and then got even MORE LOST! This isn't to say that all of the heroes didn't make some boneheaded moves, but after the poor showing by these two in the past - well, it didn't look good.

Back at the lair, the heroes had to write up case reports and critique their own - and their colleagues' - performance. This was a little bit of a surprise because it seemed like something other reality shows would do to force conflict in the group (which this was, really), but at least it was all anonymous so it injected tension without it becoming about personalities. Of course, it didn't help that Dr. Dark left a note implying that one of the heroes might be a mole working for him. Dun dun DUN!!!

It wasn't true, and the heroes should have realized that the bad guy might, y'know, lie to them, but it did lead to them first talking about Mr. Mitzvah behind his back (shame!), and then confronting him directly. As usual, he was evasive and then combative, a combination that's been hurting him from the beginning.

Finally, it was on to the eliminations, with Mitzvah and Ms. Limelight on the red blocks once again. Do you realize they'd been in the bottom three in every episode? It's amazing they made it this far, but the ride was over for Mr. Mitzvah, who was eliminated. But wait! As the heroes begin to trudge back downstairs, Lee calls them back and puts Basura and Ms. Limelight back on the chopping blocks, and adds Hyper-Strike to make it three. After a little lecturing, Lee then told Ms. Limelight to hit the bricks because she was also eliminated! Ooh, a rare double-header!

And then everyone started crying. Seriously.

One more thing: Whip-Snap a sidekick? My ass! A little more confidence and she'll be a tough contender.

Current favorites: Whip-Snap, The Defuser, Basura

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