Wednesday, August 29, 2007

W.T.F. Wednesday: Robot vs. dinosaur!

During our little trips through the pages of Showcase Presents: The War That Time Forgot we've seen dinosaur stampedes, wrestling-inspired giant lizards, colossal gorillas (coconuts included) and soldiers sailing rough seas in one big-ass eggshell.

But you still may not be prepared for the sheer metric-ton of awesome that is Joe the G.I. Robot emptying his machine gun into a rampaging T-Rex ... all while saving his buddy from drowning in quicksand by lifting him up one-handed!

Neither did I, my friend ... neither did I.

Panels from Showcase Presents: The War That Time Forgot
Originally published as "The Robot and the Dinosaur!" in Star Spangled War Stories #101
Robert Kanigher, writer; Ross Andru, penciller; Mike Esposito, inker


Caleb said...

That's one of my favorite panels in that book, which is full of great panels. I believe "Never thought my life would depend on a G.I. Robot. battling a dinosaur" is the very definition of "it goes without saying.

Maxo said...

Every other page is a perfect definition of "understatement." And every time I think it can't get crazier ... well, "G.I. robot battling a dinosaur" happens.

Thanks for the comment!