Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Pull List: 8-1-07

It might look like a heavy week for the superhero camp, but if you've got a little extra cash you've been wondering what to do with, you can either send it to me, or you could get yourself a nice little mix of comics. Ah hell, go ahead - get the comics (I'll just take an IOU).

To the list!

Metal Men #1 (of 8): I'm going to say something that'll probably earn scorn from fellow comic nerds, but I was never really that into the Metal Men until they showed up in 52. In that title, the Metal Men (and their creator, Doc Magnus) provided a lot of the wacky fun and Silver Age-style concepts that kept me interested week after week. Hopefully that will carry over in this mini-series, because I love the idea of a group of sentient robots being led by a bipolar inventor in a fight against science-crime. Jeez, it almost sells itself! And the crazy, almost Deco-style art gives me hope that the writing will be in the same spirit. Check it out in this preview.

Thor #2: A lot of people complained that the first issue of Thor was too slow, apparently being too short of "thees," "thines" and flying Mjolnirs to satisfy. For my part, though, I thought the issue did was it was supposed to, namely reintroduce a well-known character who was supposed to be dead. Believe me, that's the kind of thing I want comic creators to take their time with. Besides, it did a nice job of setting the stage for issue #2, which I'm betting will crank up the Thunder God aspects a little more. I'm looking forward to seeing how the return of Thor plays out, and I appreciate the avoidance of oh-so-convenient shortcuts. Too slow? I say thee nay!

The Rest ...

Justice Society of America #8

World War Hulk #3

Conan and The Midnight God #5

Maybe ...

Killing Pickman #1: Tortured cop with plans to kill a literally monstrous child-murderer? Man, I love this small revival of horror comics that seems to be happening.

Alive Vol. 1: An unknown virus is making people commit suicide, becoming a pandemic in less than a week and leaving a handful of Tokyo teens wondering why everyone else died, and why they survived. Japan, you scare me - but in a good way.

Recommended ...

Elephantmen Vol. 1: Wounded Animals (hard cover): Beautiful art, solid sci-fi storytelling.

Gutsville #1 (new printing): Be sure to pick this inventive little title if you missed it the first time; now, where the hell is issue #2 already?

Whiteout: Definitive Edition: A perfect crime-noir tale in a unique setting and with a strong female as the lead character (always nice to see). This is what made me a die-hard Greg Rucka fan, and I honestly think it's a book everyone should read. You can even start with a preview!


Lisa said...

Hey have you read Wormwood Gentleman Corpse? It's right up your alley. I'm not sure what issue they're on but they've got a trade out. Or I can loan you issues, I'd just have to find them.

Maxo said...

Wormwood is one of my favorites! I've always liked Templesmith's art, but he's a pretty good writer, too. Wormwood's just a lot of fun.

I think it made it up to issue seven, and now it's on a little bit of hiatus - I guess because of the new 30 Days of Night stuff he's working on. Hopefully Wormwood will be back soon.

Lisa said...

According to Diamond's ship list it came out this week but I haven't actually picked up my books yet. It better be there!

Maxo said...

Crap - the list I use didn't have it on there. I hope I didn't miss the issue. Let me know if it came out or not!