Friday, October 24, 2008

13 for Halloween: Abby Arcane reaps what she sows

When Mark Millar took over writing duties for Swamp Thing back in the '90s, he brought with him a distinct vibe that hearkened back to ol' Swampys roots (heh) as a horror comic.

One of the most interesting story lines was a semi-experimental series called "River Run." Tying in to Millar's whole Parliament concept, "River Run" had Swamp Thing meeting a woman who, after committing suicide, became trapped inside her own book of short stories. From there Swamp Thing went from story to story (and apparently from one alternate Earth to another), putting things right like some sort of mossy Scott Bakula.

Essentially being a horror comic, though, the worlds were always twisted in some way, with Swamp Thing often being in the dark about the whole picture. On one world Anton Arcane, whom he knows as an evil sorcerer, is actually a peaceful and generous farmer in Iowa.

It's his niece Abby — Swampy's girlfriend back home — who's the evil sorcerer around here!

Understandably, this makes things a little tense when Abby comes to the farm to stay with Uncle Anton, Aunt Anna and poor little cousin Joey. After all, Abby's ...


Panels from Swamp Thing #154
Mark Millar, writer; Phillip Hester, penciller; Kim DeMulder, inker

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