Monday, October 13, 2008

Cookin' with Green Arrow

Well, crap.

Through my own foot-dragging and my wife's generosity, I've been screwed! Betrayed!

OK, not "betrayed" and it's my own fault really, but let me give you some background. Every year the company I work for has a big Halloween party/chili contest. Yeah, I know, right? Chili contest?! I've asked around and no one knows how it started or why, but along with the costumes and ubiquitous cobwebs there are also 10 to 15 crock pots filled with different recipes for chili at the Halloween party. Once you get your mind around it, it's kind of a neat tradition. Nonsensical, but cool.

Anyway, I've always avoided entering the contest because:

1. I'm lazy

2. I've always wanted to use my dad's recipe, but can never find it, and

3. Did I mention I'm lazy?

By now you're saying to yourself: That's great, Chef Boyardee-minus, but what the hell does this have to do with comics? Some of you might have figured this out already, but if you haven't, it has to do with this:

Click for a chili reception! (Ouch - sorry)

Yes, this year I was going to enter, and it was going to be with Green Arrow's famous chili recipe, the bowl of red that's been featured and referred to by Ollie ever since I can remember and which was finally put down in writing in Green Arrow Secret Files & Origins #1. Notoriously spicy and representing one of GA's more endearing character quirks, I was getting more and more excited about unleashing this on my unsuspecting coworkers and (dare I hope?) maybe even winning the contest! With nerd-power!!

And then my wife lent out the crock pot.

Nooooooo! I mean, I could just make it in a pot, but that's kind of a pain in the ass and ... well, go read points one and three again. Of course, it's my own damn fault — the sign-up sheet was posted a few weeks ago, and a couple of people in my department already put themselves down for chili duty (they ask for two entries from every section). Since my wife hadn't seen any chili-related movement from me, she naturally assumed I'd decided to pass and wouldn't need the crock pot (which, at this point, was running feral on top of the fridge).

Still ... I don't think there's anything saying there can't be more than two entries from each department. And personally, I've always wanted to see what this chili tasted like. And I do like chili ...

Hmmmm ...


Khairul H. said...

Only Batman can handle the chili...and he doesn't even have superpowers. That shows how badass he is.

Scott said...

Interestingly, my workplace is holding a chili cookoff this Halloween, too. I considered entering, but I can't cook to save my life. I did have fun inventing names for chili recipes, but that didn't mean I knew how to do any more than open a can of Wolf Brand...

Sea_of_Green said...

HA! I was wondering why Patrick Gleason drew that picture. The pencils have been posted on his Web site for months now. :-) It's great!

Maxo said...

Khairul: And it's just killing Aquaman and Green Lantern, which cracks me up for some reason.

Scott: Seriously, what's with chili and Halloween? Is it inspired by the start of fall weather? 'Cause, as a fellow Texan you're well aware, it's still pretty dang hot here. And I have to ask, neighbor — when was the last time YOU had a can of Wolf Brand Chili?

Sea: Man, I really dig Gleason's work, especially when he's drawing GLs. I don't know why I never realized this was one of his.

Scott said...

And I have to ask, neighbor — when was the last time YOU had a can of Wolf Brand Chili?

Hh. Well, that's too long.

As for what's the deal with Halloween and chili -- maybe it's just that eating enough chili will remind you just how close we all are to death and terror. ;)