Tuesday, October 21, 2008

13 for Halloween: The Eaters makes me crave a salad

You know what gives me the creeps?

Freakin' cannibals, man.

I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something about somebody eating somebody else (shut up — you know what I mean) that just icks me right out. Zombies don't bug me at all because, y'know, they're zombies. Not people. They may look like people, but no ... zombies. The idea of an otherwise normal-seeming man or woman consuming and enjoying, human flesh ... blech.

So of course, I'm totally fascinated by cannibals.

It's probably why movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Motel Hell and Parents made such a lasting impression on me (friggin' Randy Quaid). It's the same case with The Eaters, a one-shot that told the heartwarming story of the Quills, a family of cannibals who take to the road in a cross-country dining tour. Along the way, daughter Cassy falls in love and the clan has to deal with the possibility of letting a near-stranger in on their epicurean secret. That or club 'im and eat 'im. So grab a seat and hold out your plate for a serving of family togetherness courtesy of ...


Pages from The Eaters #1

Peter Milligan, writer; Dean Ormston, artist

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Khairul H. said...

That third scan isn't the last page is it? So he joins the family after all?

Scott said...

That's just creepy as hell.

Maxo said...

Khairul: He does join the family — pretty enthusiastically — but that isn't the last page of the story. Before it's all over someone's paternity is called into question, a lot of people get shot and a traveling pie salesman is graphically butchered. Kooky!

Scott:"Scalp stroganoff" ... bluggh. And "tongue crackers?!" Gah.