Wednesday, October 29, 2008

13 for Halloween: Hellboy and the witches of Appalachia

Whoof — cutting it close today!

But there's still time to get in today's 13 for Halloween entry, a nicely creepy scene from the recent mini-series Hellboy: The Crooked Man. I've may have mentioned it before, but The Crooked Man is probably my favorite Hellboy story — thanks to Mike Mignola's taut, no-nonsense horror scripting and Richard Corben's almost uncomfortably organic artwork. Atmospheric and burly, Corben's art is the perfect complement to this backwoods ghost story. (As a matter of fact, if Corben were to become the regular Hellboy artist, I'd be pretty OK with that — his collaboration with Mignola on Makoma was also superior stuff.)

So a quick recap: Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, Hellboy, prodigal son and sorcerer Tom Ferrell, and repentant witch Cora Fisher are on their way to holy ground and a final confrontation with the Crooked Man himself. But before the trio can face the demonic, deal-making miser, they have to first get past ...


Panels from Hellboy: The Crooked Man #2
Mike Mignola, writer; Richard Corben, artist; Dave Stewart, colorist

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Scott said...

That whole series was soooo awesome.

Maxo said...

Seriously! If I was going to introduce someone to Hellboy, this would be the one I'd use. It's just a great story. Love it, love it, love it!