Thursday, October 16, 2008

13 for Halloween: Getting a head in the City of Others

I really wanted to like City of Others.

After all, it was being drawn by legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, the guy who designed Swamp Thing and Destiny of The Endless. Wrightson is one of the first comic book artists I knew by name, and his work had a huge impact on my becoming a comic book fan. Hell, I've even got the Master of the Macabre set of trading cards he put out in 1993.

But City of Others had a problem, something that's the kiss of death in any horror comic — after the first issue, it got kinda boring.

It was surprising since it was from Wrightson and go-to horror comics writer Steve Niles, especially considering the gleeful goriness of that premier issue. In City of Others #1 we're introduced to sociopath/hitman Stosh Bludowski, who goes by the name Blud (maybe that should've been a clue to what readers could expect from following issues). But before we meet Blud we get a look at the evil Chunx (guh — there's clue No. 2) and his unusual way for getting around airline fees. The airport customs office gets a nasty surprise in a scene I like to think of as ...


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Panels from City of Others #1

Story by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson; Bernie Wrightson, artist

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