Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scott Kolins draws Perry White

This dashing portrait of Perry White is fresh from the pen of Scott Kolins, who did a signing yesterday at my local comic shop and was impressively cranking out free sketches and taking requests. Kolins — in addition to being a hell of a nice guy — said he thought this might've been the first time he's drawn the venerable Daily Planet editor and hero of GCP; pretty good for a maiden flight, don't you think?

He also talked a little about a Solomon Grundy one-shot that's planned for a January release that sounds pretty cool. He'll be co-writing the book with Geoff Johns as well as handling the art, and there might be a chance it could be picked up as a limited series. Solomon Grundy is one of my favorite characters, so I'll be looking forward to that!

There should be some way to work Perry into that story, right?


rob! said...

cool pic. scott was a classmate of mine at the Kubert School. he was light years ahead of the rest of us, in terms of his work being professional level.

Maxo said...

Ha! Small world, I guess! And from what I've seen on your Web site, you're no slouch, either.

Kolins was really friendly. When I went up to make my request he was doing some sketches just for the hell of it, free for whoever might want one. I would've grabbed the Deadman he was finishing up, but I didn't want to be greedy.