Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WTF Wednesday: I think I just coughed up a hairball

Sometimes people will stop me on the street and ask, "Max, when did Chris Claremont lose his ever-lovin' mind?"

And usually I'll tell them that it was gradual, the kind of madness that creeps up on a person so slowly that even those around him don't notice they're buying craploads of crappy comics until it's too late. But when the man on the street deems that answer a "bunch of bullshit," well, that's when I say, "Magik #2."

Because when you write a story that takes characters you yourself raised to +2 beloved and throws them into a sorta-alternate universe where they're all dead, that's kinda kooky. But when you top that off by having Belasco, the lord of limbo, turn Sword-Fightin' Action Kitty Pride into an actual cat-woman ... brother, you're officially out there.

Also, Claremont should never be allowed to use the word "stroke" again.

Panel from Magik #2 (of 4)
Chris Claremont, writer; John Buscema, penciller


Sea_of_Green said...

Gad, I can't believe I did see it before -- and I actually OWNED that mini-series. You're RIGHT, Maxo. You're absolutely RIGHT.

Though I do think Claremont getting obsessed with ninja mythology is still, also suspect.

Maxo said...

No kidding! What was up with him and Japan, anyway?!