Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Batman's thong' should be on every pull list

Since I'm only getting a few comics this week, not to mention still coming down from the lackadaisical high that is a four-day weekend, I'm just going to give a quick list of what's coming home with me on Wednesday:

BPRD: The Warning #4

Cthulhu Tales #6

Necronomicon #2

Wonder Woman #25

All solid stuff, and a nice horror vibe to really get me in that Halloween mood. I'm also thinking about Green Lantern Corps #29 — even though it's a title I'm picking up in trade — since it's a "Blackest Night" prelude. What do you guys think?

Some other things you should look at are the DC Comics Goes Ape trade (c'mon, it's monkeys! And nobody does apes like DC, so suck it, Marvel), and the Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 3 trade.

And thanks to a friend's e-mail and Superdickery, as promised I give you:


Remember, chum; the safety word is "Crime Alley."


Khairul H. said...

HAH! I just love Golden Age Batman! Or is that Silver Age?

Scott said...

Thanks for an image I'll be unable to get out of my skull for the rest of the day. :)

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh. My. God. That's gotta be the most disturbing out-of-context Batman panel I've ever read! HAH!!!