Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Hey, P'Gell! Gotta light?

You can say a lot of things about P'Gell, femme fatale and one of the Spirit's most cunning nemeses: She's beautiful and smart. She's also beautiful and ruthless. And she's definitely beautiful and dangerous. But one thing she's not?

After all, smart guy, who's the one picking lamp out of his hair?

(And don't turn your back on Bahlactus, either!)

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Panel from The Spirit #2
Darwyn Cooke, writer and artist; J. Bone, inker; Dave Stewart, colorist


Sea_of_Green said...

You'd think that by now the Spirit would have learned NOT to turn his back on P'Gell.

Maxo said...

He's just lucky she's not more bloodthirsty and is content with making him look foolish.

It's kinda like they're flirting! With blunt objects to the head, but still ...

Sea_of_Green said...

The Spirit and Hal Jordan should hang out together. Seriously.

Anonymous said...