Thursday, October 2, 2008

Geek check: Taking inventory

While I was sitting here waiting for the computer to finish thinking about its latest task, I had a chance to kind of look around my work space and was surprised by how much comic book-related stuff I have on display.

Not how much, really, but how little. At one point I had a lot of comic book flotsam piled up, but eventually I decided I had to tone that shit down. Doing a 360 in my chair, I see:

• a tiny crouching Spider-Man

• a ghost with a cocked eyebrow made by Chris Yates

• my slightly too-tight plastic Green Lantern ring

• a Batman disc launcher (free with this nutritious breakfast!)

• an awesome Dead Space poster, signed by Ben Templesmith even

• another poster, this one for Staple! 2008 and drawn by Eric Powell

• Erasor, the Tiny-headed Terror of Ten Cities*

• a print-out of Archie Andrews, hand-colored with highlighters by yours truly

• a bag full of recent comics (not really a decoration, but a common enough sight here)

• an Iron Man magnet, which for some reason strikes me as funny

• and finally, a bigger Spider-Man figure with way too much articulation — he can barely stand up on his own! Which is why I usually refer to him as Drunken Spidey.

There's a whole box of more knick-knacks in a cabinet, but I'm not counting that since it's not out where everyone can see it.

So ... how is your work space decorated?

* A Post Toast to the first one to guess who Erasor used to be.


X_the_Phantom-Longbox__ said...

I too, used to have a comic-heavy displayed work environment.
I cut it back a bit so that now, there's only a weeble-like PLANKTON (from Spongebob) figure, a GARFIELD statuette (in detective garb flipping a coin with a base that reads: "I don't work for cheap."), a Doctor Strange (marvel Legends) in a custom base, and a Man-Thing Legends figure (on it's base).

My COLLECTIBLE room however, is wall-to-wall.


Oh. And ERASER looks to me like a MONITOR (DC "Crisis") figure.

I think he looks MUCH more awesome as ERASER!


Maxo said...

I'd kill to have Man-Thing on my desk.

And good eye on Erasor's former identity, X — I wonder if a Superboy punch made him the tiny-headed man he is today? In any case, you get a Toast!


Sea_of_Green said...

Alright, you asked for it:

- Hanging on the wall right behind me is a huge, nearly-life-sized signed Alex Ross poster of Hal Jordan.
- To the right of me is a movie poster of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
- Right in front of me (behind my computer screen) is a movie poster of the Kino restoration of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, which is also right next to a wall calender featuring Chinese Dragons.
- To my left is a HUGE window overlooking Indiana highway 65.
- No toys, but there are numerous printouts and cartoons plastered on the remaining wall space, including a printout of Walt Kelly's "Deck Us All with Boston Charlie," and a printout of Peter Lorre's classic quote from Beat the Devil: "Time, time, what is time...?"

Shelf space is devoted exclusively to books because, well, I AM a book editor. :)

Maxo said...

Hal Jordan?! I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you. ;)

The Metropolis designs are beautiful — I bet that poster looks great.